Georgia patients who suffer from one or more of the following eight disorders may be eligible for exemption from prosecution for possessing low THC, CBD-rich medical cannabis oil that contains up to 5% THC: Cancer, ALS, Seizure disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Mitochondrial Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Sickle Cell Disease.

The form below should be completed by Georgia patients who suffer from (or are caretakers for someone who suffers from) one of the eight qualifying conditions listed above and who have either been issued a Low THC Oil Registry card by the Georgia Department of Public Health or who plan to be certified by their physician for low THC oil. Qualified patients who need a referral to a participating physician may also use this form.

For Non-Qualified Patients
Patients who do not qualify for Georgia’s Low THC Oil Registry (or those who prefer not to register) may still purchase CBD rich oils and tinctures with extremely low levels of THC by clicking here.
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