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Seed Selection Tips for Patient-Growers

Cannabis strain or seed selection can often be a daunting task when a new patient-grower is faced with all the choices currently available to select from.

If you are new to cultivation there is really no need to invest in expensive genetics until you are comfortable and confident in your abilities.  Bag seed, or seeds found in random bags of cannabis, is always an option if you have access.  Many of the greatest strains available today began as bag seed discoveries.

Cannabis Seed Banks

Seed banks, which are prolific on the internet, might also be an option for the novice grower.  Many global seed banks will ship their seeds worldwide in discreet packaging to avoid any possible legal issues.  Please keep in mind, however, that the purchase and possession of cannabis seeds may be unlawful where you live.  Although online seed banks are typically a very safe method of obtaining new cannabis seeds, always use common sense and caution, and be aware of the law where you live.

Choosing the right cannabis seeds

When choosing seeds or genetics always shop around to find the best fit for your needs.  Make sure you know the difference between an Indica and a Sativa, and research the medical condition(s) you want to treat with cannabis to help decide which is best. “Finishing time” is also an important consideration, so make sure you choose seeds that are likely to work within your schedule. If you are new to growing, stick to low cost seeds to stretch your budget and allow for mistakes.

For treating specific symptoms or diseases there are several online resources that will allow you to conduct research deep into the genetic history of most of the cannabis strains available commercially today. One great place to find the right strain for your particular medical situation is Leafly, where thousands of cannabis strains have been catalogued and thoroughly reviewed. Another website is Strain Data, which posts lab results and cannabinoid profiles for many different medical and recreational strains.

A debatable issue with genetics is whether or not to invest in “feminized seeds”.  These are seeds which have been forced to be female to ensure you do not end up with a male plant.  Many purists believe this weakens the genetic strength of the plant and can lead to possible genetic mutations down-line.  It is suggested to research this topic and draw one’s own conclusion.

Cannabis Clones

A clone is a small piece of a plant that has been cut from a parent and then given the nutrients needed to allow it to root on its own, essentially creating a 1:1 copy of the mother plant. If you are fortunate enough to live in a legal cannabis state then you may very well have access clones of cannabis plants, which is a great way to skip the seed shopping and start growing cannabis right away. Some medical marijuana dispensaries sell clones to patients and are happy to give the novice grower enough information to start growing their own medicine. One of the biggest challenges a new grower often faces when trying to learn how to grow his own medicine is sorting through the volumes of information available and then choosing the right genetics, medium, nutrients, lights and environmental controls. As such, patients who have access to responsive, patient-focused dispensaries with professional Budtenders and Clone Experts have an enormous advantage in learning to grow their own medicine over those who must rely on an “internet education”

No matter which method you choose to start growing your own medical cannabis, doing so can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Start simple and build from there.

About this Article
As with many articles and blog posts on our website, the purpose of this content is to educate Georgia patients about medical marijuana. We are not encouraging anyone to grow cannabis, which is a felony in Georgia. Our aim is to provide a sense of how medical marijuana patients in other states with less restrictive regulations obtain and use their medicine.

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  1. what good is this information to a person living in Georgia? You would have to be nuts to attempt to grow your own and end up in prison where you might not even be able to get Legal drugs from a pharmacy that you have to take as it is. By the time this changes if it ever does most of the folks like me won’t need them anymore as we will be dead and buried.

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