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Granny Storm Crow’s List 2015

In July of 2007 a medical marijuana advocate known to many only as “Granny Storm Crow” published a Microsoft Word document online that contained links to every known medical and scientific study published since 2000 that were related to cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. That list has grown and been re-published every year since with updated links and information. For the patient or caretaker looking for real, scientific information about medical cannabis then Granny Storm Crow’s list is the ultimate resource.

In a 2009 guest post published in the Salem News, “Granny” said this about why she keeps her identity a secret.

I lead a double life.

I am a secret, international, medical cannabis activist.

Even though I am “California legal”, I hide in the shadowy world of the internet. As the mysterious “Granny Storm Crow”, I influence cannabis-using people worldwide. Mostly what I do is I tell people about medical studies, but even so, I must hide my “secret identity”.

Why all the smoke and mirrors? Simple- It would cost me my job if it were known that “Ms. Crow” even uses cannabis. As “Granny”, I’d be lucky to just get ridden out of town on a rail! The educational field has little tolerance for “illegal” drug use, even when it’s “legal”.

Whoever “Granny” is, her labor has made it possible for many thousands of patients, caretakers, doctors, researchers and others to easily locate they information they need in order to educate themselves about medical marijuana without any propaganda or subjective opinions included. Feel free to download these PDF files and refer to them on your journey to understanding the human endocannabinoid system.

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