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Georgia Governor Ends Hopes for In-State Cannabis Oil Production

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has officially, at least for now, announced his firm opposition to the in-state cultivation of medical marijuana and the production of low THC oil, as well as a system for dispensing that oil to qualified patients. In a recent Macon Telegraph article Governor Deal expressed skepticism at the notion of growing cannabis in Georgia and said he wasn’t convinced the state could sufficiently control the use of the medicine.

“I still don’t think we have sufficient information or ability to control something of that nature if we start production and processing here in our state,” Deal said Wednesday morning.

The Governor made these statements despite the fact that the Commission on Medical Cannabis, a committee Deal appointed earlier this year in order to hold hearings and report findings to him on the feasibility of in-state cannabis cultivation, has yet to present their recommendations to him yet. Deal said that unless there was “something new” in the committee’s report that he was not aware of he can’t support growing marijuana in Georgia.

Misplaced fears

Underscoring Governor Deal’s concerns were the reports he received back from Georgia law enforcement officials that accompanied the Commission on a whirlwind tour of Colorado’s legal cannabis industry. Those law enforcement leaders surely reported to the Governor the impossible task of keeping track of everything when dealing with a wide-open medical marijuana system that has been in place for many years, as well as a recreational marijuana system where anyone over the age of 21 can walk into a retail store and buy marijuana. This is not a system that is even remotely close to the extremely restrictive low THC oil program that Georgia has crafted and it’s absurd to think that a comparison can be made between the types of programs the two states are operating.

In talking with the law enforcement officials who were part of that visit to Colorado, they have probably undergirded my concern of being able to have this in a controlled environment more so than my concern was previously – Governor Nathan Deal

Rep. Allen Peake (R- Macon), co-chair of the commission, outspoken patient advocate and father of Georgia’s low THC oil law, urged the Governor to consider states like Minnesotta, where a highly-restrictive medical marijuana program has been implemented where patients can obtain pills, oils and liquids that come from a handful of licensed manufacturers. “I am absolutely convinced that we can offer a model that would calm the fears of law enforcement and minimize any public safety issues,” Peake told the Telegraph.

17 thoughts on “Georgia Governor Ends Hopes for In-State Cannabis Oil Production

  1. Deal has and always will be on the side of the one’s who give the most money for him to do something,if one of his family member’s suffer’s as much as some people I know he would legalize it today.you are a hypoctite deal and noit well liked by Georgians.

  2. Nathan Deal needs to go and see children that have 80 to 100 seizures a day. See what the CBD oil does to them! It reduces those seizures to 1 to 5 a month. Nathan…..go to see a person have an epileptic seizure and then YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!

  3. I suffer from chronic back pain every day. I have been on opiates for over 30 years to try to control the pain. I have also had over six major surgeries to try to correct my problem. Cannabis is a viable option over opiate pain medications for pain relief.
    it is time for Georgia to make a change and remove this man from office. I have voted Republican in the past but will no longer vote that way if he is on the ticket. I will support whoever runs against him with both my boat and my campaign contributions. I encourage you to do the same.

  4. It’s imbeciles like Nathan Deal that continue to keep Georgia in the Stone Age. On the one hand, they play so-called concerned conservatives who must guard-the-gate on vital issues such as this, yet blindly side with ignorant, law-enforcement bullies, and pander to the self-serving drug companies. Deal is a simple-minded ignoramus that needs to go back to his luxury ave.

  5. Nathan Deal is much to invested in the NRA to pursue any other goals in GA. Can’t wait till his tenure is done. How did we survive 8 years of idiocy, I really don’t know.

  6. Denial of the right to produce limited medical marijuana in Georgia is ignorant, ludicrous, and backward I t is gross injustice to Georgia residents who are in great need.

  7. I agree with Michael Smith, and in the same boat. I’ve had 5 failed back surgeries. For over 13 years, physicians have tried to control my pain through opiates. I have had all manner of steroidal injections, spinal stimulators, Tenns units, including the newest, deep wave technology. Everything comes with incredible side effects. I have to choose and balance the side effects vs most effective pain relief. With opiates, the side effects are less volatile than the other treatment methods, but volatile non the less. The balance with opiates (now pay attention all of you niegh saying prohibitionists) is quite simply this formula…less pain=less brain….whereas….more pain=more brain…not a hard idea to grasp…even for Mr. Deal. To summarize, I can totally eliminate my pain, but I would be almost non-functional, HIGH as a kite, with food dribbling out of my mouth (been there, done that), or live in pain, with a very short fuze attitude wise, and still have periods of non functionality, because that’s how opiates work. Oh, and lets not forget that during all of this I am building a tolerance to these pills, because that is how opiates work, necessitating medication adjustments….aka increases. Then the ill informed wonder how an individual after 13+years of opiate treatment, even with a conservative physician, can end up on a daily regimen of enough opiates to kill a person that is opiate nieve outright. Oh the terror. Hmmm, welcome to not just my world, but thousands of others in my predicament. We have to lock up our meds, because, God forbid if I drop a pill, and my 3 year old grandchild picks it up and eats it, thinking it’s candy. Or if I have a fall, go to the hospital, inform the treating physician that I’m opiate tolerant, so, no…one or two percocet won’t stop my massive pain…instead of “where does it hurt” you get…”did you run out of medication” thinking I’m some drug seeker, until the paramedics that brought me in tell the Doctor that they saw my meds. You could say as a person in constant pain, in opiate therapy, I live by a different set of rules. In the end, very few government officials know, understand, or even care about my situation. So, someone please explain to me, on Governor Deal’s behalf, why it’s ok for me to live in pain, on deadly substances, that have mediocre results, and oh,by the way, do get and keep my brain sscrambled…Why am I denied a substance that controls my pain 8 to 10 times better, with less side effects, has NOT been scientifically proven to cause more damage than opiates, and while yes, you do get a high from using cannabis, it only lasts for 1 to 2 hours, but then I have real pain relief for 8 to 10 hours (4 puffs off of a pipe does this). Also, lets not forget, there have been no recorded deaths as a result of using cannabis. You just can’t over dose. The Governor says we don’t want to promote anything that will get someone high. He obviously has never dealt with the business side of high dose opiate therapy. My other favorite reason is that we don’t want to legalize or legitimize cannabis, because it will give easy access for under age children (high school and Jr high school). That’s probably the most preposterous reasoning of all. A high school student can get cannabis as easy as just showing up for first period. That statement is a joke, played on the uninformed, or individuals that have forgotten what high school was like. Or they are over 70. I went to a private, college prep, Catholic high school in the early ti mid 80’s, and over 50% of the students either smoked pot, drank alcohol, or did both. I am willing to bet that not much has changed. Allowing Cannabis as medicine is not a joke, it is real, and would help people with chronic pain, and diseases that cause pain find relief.

  8. My 15 y.o. daughter suffers from a recent onset of Epilepsy, that started suddenly 5yrs ago, as well as Encephalitis. I will simply say that, after spending a tremendous amount of time in the E.R with her, surviving too many times being rushed via ambulance & admitted to CHOA, and eventually landing in the ICU through July of this year alone, I have no tolerance for rhetoric from close-minded bigots like Nathan Deal and his cohorts.

    I play over and over vividly in my mind what the high doses of Phenobarbital & Prednisone did to my child, who could not as much as get up to use the bedside commode and had to be cleaned as you would a newborn baby by her mom, because of the medication’s debilitating side effects. Her cognition was also one of almost retardation for weeks. The prednisone erupted into dangerously high blood pressure. She’s never had high blood pressure in her life prior to taking Prednisone.

    Therefore, I will climb the moon, if necessary, to not only make sure my daughter never suffers like that again, but to make sure she has normal a life as possible and by any means necessary, even if it takes the last breath in body to do it. It’s high to stop begging klutzes and ignoramuses to do what’s right for people like my daughter and countless others while folks like Nathan Deal play politics and Monolopoly games with their lives.

  9. I’ve received cannabis oil in Georgia and it has helped my seizures tremendously. I still have seizures, but no where near as many as I used to. It also helps with my mental illnesses. In every state, there are people who have seizures so cannabis oil should be available for qualified patients. Why is this such a huge issue? Just help the ones who need it!!!!!

    1. I’m just happy that there are still some folks that still remind us all what’s most important above all the hypocrisy – the sick!!!

  10. Let’s see now? Just when is it that YOU will be skedaddling your greedy corrupted ass from the office of governor in this backasswards STATE of GEORGIA now MR. BIG DEAL. In other words , “get your greedy DEAL ASS out”!

  11. I have anxiety and panic from time to time and choose medical marijuana over any opiates. Also sever pain in my wrist from an accident and need this to relieve pain. If this many Georgians are on board, what’s the deal??.

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