Getting Low THC Oil to Georgia Patients

What an amazing week!

Besides the fact that we have a neat new logo and a refreshed website this really has been an amazing few days. We sent an email update earlier this week about our new low THC oil provider that will be shipping in just a few weeks, and one of the things we wanted to do was get more resources online to answer as many questions as possible for patients and doctors alike.

Product Update

We are still on track to deliver low THC oil derived from this year’s harvest mid- to late-November, but we have been informed that there is a very limited supply of tincture available for patients who absolutely need it now left over from last year’s harvest. This product will ship on or before Friday, October 24 to patients who already have their state certification and request it (while supplies last).

If you feel you can’t wait until our first major shipment then please complete this electronic form, attach a copy of your Low THC Oil Registry card and we will contact you early next week with ordering details and to obtain payment information. If you do not yet have a card from the state of Georgia but have a signed Physician Certification Form, meaning your data has been electronically submitted to the state but you have not yet received your printed card, then we will take a copy of that instead.

Information for Your Healthcare Provider

We have added a “Resources” section to our website where we will begin providing information to both patients and doctors. We have completed our Physician walk-through page that should answer most of the questions your doctor has about Georgia’s low THC oil program. The page is located here, so feel free to forward the link to your doctor(s). Future additions to our “Resources” section will include extensive information about CBD (including a dosing guide), links to important organizations and lab reports from our oils and tinctures.

For those that can’t get certified

One of the biggest complaints about the Haleigh’s Hope Act is that there are only eight conditions that qualify a patient for immunity from prosecution should they be caught with Low THC oil, yet there are hundreds of conditions that could potentially benefit from cannabinoid therapy. For those patients who can’t get certified but still want to try CBD oil, we will have a product available with a high CBD concentration and almost zero THC that is legal in all 50 states. This tincture is made from the same organically grown high-CBD strains as the others, but it is packaged before the THC content is increased.

Finding a doctor

I wanted to address what has been a real issue for many Georgia patients, and that is finding a physician willing to certify patients for the Low THC Oil Registry. We have been in contact with a couple of doctors that are certifying patients in their Integrative Medicine practices, and if you have run out of options then email us and we will refer you. We hope to have these resources up on the website soon, but at the same time we want to steer clear of the appearance of a relationship with doctors offices, as Georgia law is very clear that a bona fide doctor-patient relationship must exist for certification. As soon as we figure out what form that should take on our website we will let you know.

Low Income Program

From the outset we knew that we wanted to provide a way for patients to get what they need regardless of their ability to pay for it. Our plan is (and has been) to create a separate non-profit organization that will accept donations, which would be used to subsidize all or part of the costs for those unable to afford it. But because we haven’t even begun to set up this separate foundation yet I was blown away by the generosity of someone yesterday who insisted on being able to help someone right now, and because of that we now have our first $200 that will go to help someone in need!

A big big THANK YOU to our anonymous angel from the hills. 🙂

If you are interested in making a non tax deductible donation in a similar manner we have setup a PayPal account to accept them, you may do so by entering an amount below and clicking the button!

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