Christmas CBD oil

Christmas Updates and Product Announcements

This has been a really good year for some sick Georgians, but for many others it has been frustrating and worrisome. Good for those that have an understanding doctor and the wherewithal to jump through the hoops necessary for obtaining low THC oil in Georgia, but bad for thousands of others who desperately need access to medial marijuana but can’t have it, either because their doctor won’t help them or because their lawmakers too narrowly defined who was worthy of certification and who was not.

Add to that the recent announcement of both the Medical Cannabis Commission and the Governor that next year is going to be a no-go for in-state cultivation and the frustration on the part of sick Georgians who need access to this simple plant grows.

On the bright side

Even though our state lawmakers (except for a few vocal activists, like Rep. Allen Peake) have given Georgia patients the finger, things are actually looking better for medical marijuana patients at the national level. Tucked deep inside a 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government’s prohibition on medical marijuana. This provision should make it easier for patients in less-friendly states to find quality medicine that won’t violate their state’s laws.

Ultra-Low THC, High CBD Oil Available Online

bottle-label-originalThe feedback we have gotten on our 34:1 tincture, which contains 330mg of CBD and only a minuscule amount of THC, has been tremendous, and we are happy to announce that you can now purchase this formulation (and other products) online! We have re-branded these products under the Copper Mountain Elixirs brand and have an e-commerce website online now!

Although there are just a few products available for purchase now, we will soon have salves, vaporizer cartridges, accessories and other CBD products available as well. Click here to visit our online CBD store now.

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