Georgia Lawmakers Say NO to In-State Medical Marijuana Cultivation

During a hearing today for House Bill 722 lawmakers agreed to dispense with the portion of the bill which would have established a legitimate cannabis industry in Georgia and allowed the in-state cultivation of medical marijuana. During the 3-hour hearing Rep. Allen Peake, the bills’ author, was unable to convince his coworkers of the importance of being able to grow and produce the medicine safely here in Georgia.

Lawmakers also discussed the possibility of providing legal protection for out-of-state medical marijuana oil producers who ship their products to qualified Georgia patients, as well as whether or not the 5% THC cap should be raised in order to cover the “legal loophole” that exists between the 5% THC allowed under HB1 and the 15% minimum required in order to arrest someone for violating Georgia’s hash oil law. In other words, it is conceivable that by working so hard to regulate a plant that grows in the ground lawmakers have inadvertently managed to make cannabis oil that contains over 5% THC but under 15% THC legal for anyone to possess. Such is the consequence of trying to split one hair so many times.

When will we ever learn?

14 thoughts on “Georgia Lawmakers Say NO to In-State Medical Marijuana Cultivation

  1. What do these idiots have to see that that this could help people that are desperately looking for relief? And they’re worried about abuse? Really? Or, not being able to enforce this? One question to the morons at the capitol, how exactly is the law against Marijuana working? Huh? Lot of people really adhering to the mighty arm of lawmakers, huh? Oh, if it does become legal then how are these asshandled dollar puppets going to make enough money to support their own agendas? Go ahead, ye just and righteous butt monkeys, keep proving to the people of Georgia how much you’re concerned with the welfare of your constituents. Asshats.

    1. Its not about helping people, drugs or righteousness – its about money! My son had court one day for a traffic violation. 10 court rooms on this one floor. One Judge had over 350 cases for possession on the docket. If each case cost $5000 in court costs, first offender fees, probation and fines PLUS $3000-5000 in attorneys fees that is over 1.7 mil. Just one day, one court room. Legalize it and that revenue goes away. Not to mention the “jobs” it creates by being illegal. Many politicians forget they work for the community – they get in office and greed/power take over. Its a shame.

      PS – Does not help when people who support the cause can’t write in proper English. *smh

      1. The state could capitalize on the sale of legal cannabis and use the funds to create more jobs all the while helping people who medically need this. It all comes down to Greed! If they would open there eyes even a greedy person could see a profit in legalizing medical cannabis. David R

  2. Setzler obviously and blatantly delays and confuses the hearings every time. He is apparently gearing up for higher office and using our blood to grease the gears of his future campaign machine. He has not failed to have code read aloud to burn up time at each hearing. Seems he would be responsible for understanding Georgia code on his own time. He could not ask such convoluted questions if he did. It already read through line by line. My question is WHY is he allowed to do this instead of being corrected by the Chair? He also submitted a “religious freedom” bill this session. He wants to be well recorded that he is afraid patients will abuse the system every chance they get. Despite being shown the price of medical marijuana products versus ease and economy of buying smoke on the corner. I remember the last hearing Golick brought up about the mail order deal in lieu of in state cultivation. This is all a crock.

  3. Thank you GA Lawmakers for proving to the rest of the world that you are bunch Bible toting self righteous pricks. What you idiots fail to understand is that the cartels are making sure Cannabis reaches GA. You fucking pricks are obviously in favor of keeping the control and distribution in the hands of criminals and gangs.
    Quit playing your fucking games with people’s lives. Other states have proven safe cultivation is possible so your incompetence and hypocrisy is fucking problem.

    1. our leader are the cartels leaders. They just don’t get their hands dirty! The just laugh all the way to the Cayman Islands and stash their loot. How do you think so much of it get into our country so easy.

  4. Abuse? Do they know the facts? Alcohol is toxic, destroys people and lives and is ripe w/ abuse.

    Cannabis is medicine and is harmless and helpful.

    This is a crime against humanity.

    It’s about the money. They should all be removed from their jobs!

  5. Absolutely unbelievable. What the hell is wrong with you idiots?? Put your bible down.It’s no wonder good people are lill be keft witg eaving Georgia fir more progressive places to live. All you will be left with is the thugs. Crack heads. Heroine addicts. Meth heads and the real crime associated with these drugs. Wake up.

    1. That is the types persons they want on the streets to justify their Jobs, Addicts don’t make good slaves in our industrialize prison system. So they leave them out here in the public to terrorize us so that we feel the need for them to protect us. And they keep n enslaving men. There are more Black men in Prison today than in the hay day of slavery. Slavery was never abolished. As a human being I am ashamed of being a human! the cruelest creature God Created.

  6. Genesis 1:29

    “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

    King James Version (KJV) No wonder Christianity is in decline. Your all a bunch of hypocrites! Hiding behind the bible and using only the portions that suit you.

  7. I know politicians if anything are money hungry, if they just took a look at Colorado’s first year sales and how much money they made the first year, so much they had to give money back. If for no other reason that should make them see the light!

  8. I hope one day someone they love has the need for canibis and dies because they cannot get it, let them watch their loved ones suffer until they die, God forgive me for saying this but this is the only way these self righteous people will get it.

  9. NOW go have your 2 drinks for lunch and pat each other on the back and put the money in your pocket and smile your just a bunch of hypocrites and corrupt politicians yes I said it.

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