GA Governor Open to Adding PTSD, Chronic Pain in MMJ Expansion

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Governor Nathan Deal’s top aide, Chris Riley, told reporters that the governor is prepared to get behind a move to add post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain to the list of qualifying conditions for Georgia low THC oil patients.

The move surprised both patients and activists alike, as the governor had previously shut the door on the possibility of in-state marijuana cultivation, which would have given Georgia companies the opportunity to grow, extract and sell medical marijuana products in the state. Georgia’s low THC oil law is unique, in that it makes the possession of certain CBD and low THC oils legal for patients that meet the requirements, but the law makes no mention of how the patient should actually obtain the medicine since cultivation remains illegal in Georgia.

Rep. Allen Peake, the author of the original 2015 law known as the Haleigh’s Hope Act and a staunch advocate for expansion of the program, expressed appreciation for the governor’s willingness to move on the issue. “While we still have an access issue, I’m grateful for Gov. Deal’s support on helping more hurting citizens have the legal right to possess potentially life-changing medicine,” Peake told the AJC.

Tom McCain, Executive Director of Peachtree NORML, was very positive about the addition of additional qualifying for patients, especially those who spend 24 hours a day in pain and whose only option is often to turn to dangerous opiods. “It’s too bad he’s not going further but this is significant,” McCain said. “Especially the addition of chronic pain. That’s huge.”

The expansion is outlined in House Bill 764, which also calls for new licensing and reporting requirements for medical marijuana providers.

23 thoughts on “GA Governor Open to Adding PTSD, Chronic Pain in MMJ Expansion

  1. I believe this is a much safer alternative to opiods! I have researched & cross referenced CBD oil & low THC, found no I’ll side effects!
    Medical marijuana, CBD & THC oils have been legalized in 46 states!
    We are only asking for a safer way to have quality of life!!
    Most of Western medicines have at least 10 side effects,as well as(cancer causing) ingredients & deadly possibilities!
    Please move forward with giving Georgians a safer choice!!
    In pain everyday.

    1. I agree.i suffer from pain from car wreck for many years now. many strong opioids, I stop taking cold turkey and thought I was going to see my death. I am facing charges in court for possession of a natural plant , now I am forced to return to Dr. For pills to help my pain. I would rather be pothead that pill head.

  2. This is great news. I have had two back surgeries and nerve roots are encased in scar tissue. I have OA and an extruded disc and arachnoiditis.

    I would love to try this for night pain

    1. Can I ask a question I have the same condition osteoporosis ,arthritis,O.A.
      I have peripheral neuropathy, my back has been broken twice I suffer chronic pain. My doctor at the pain management where I have no other alternative to get help relieving pain refuses to allow me to even try this CBD and low THC oil. I am drug tested every month I have never had a bad test or any problems other than the fact my doctor does not believe in it. I wonder do you see a pain doctor if so are they allowing you here in Georgia to try this for nerve damage and chronic pain. Under the guidelines of Georgia’s MMJ medical program I am eligible but my doctor says that he would Release Me. Thank you

      1. I have gone through legal opoids for 20 years, from a pain clinic. Wait till you start withdrawing. You will be forthe anything. Cbd plus thc does help a lot. TRY IT!

      2. I just spoke to my pain management Dr today about if I could use CBD oil for my chronic pain and he said he thinks it would give me some relief and that you need some THC for it to be effective. He said he would help me get my low THC card and submitted the application today. I should get my card in about a week and it will cost $25. If your current Dr does not support you using CBD I would research to find a Dr who will. I’ve read lots about how it works and I support using something natural over lab made any day especially considering how addicting and dangerous opioids are. I never wanted to start but I ended up not have much of a choice. I’m hoping to at least cut down my usage or altogether if possible. Here’s hoping for great results!!

        1. I have had 14 surgeries on my left knee, femur fracture on left leg and then a complex hip fracture on my left femur/hip. I’m from California where medical MJ has been legal since 1996. Then in 2016 all pot was legal if you were of age. I had to move to Georgia due to family issues in late 2019. The insane Draconian laws & supply being NON-EXISTENT Blows my freaking mind. I’ve had a Diagnosis of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) forever it feels like !! I got myself off opioids , my MD’s never even mentioned the possibility of me cutting my dosage. As a former R.N. I’m Officially Disabled. I can now look back and I KNOW how much help Marijuana gives. I BELIEVE IT’S CRIMINAL to keep this very effective form of pain relief from those of us who suffer!! ESPECIALLY we who deal with this 24/7/365

      3. I am currently in Pain Management and my pain doctor was the one who suggested low dose cannabis. He also registered me to get my card

  3. I suffer from PTSD and chronic pain and I have for years I’ve in the past I’ve even overdosed in the past please allow us to use cannabis for our PTSD and chronic pain😭

  4. I have RSD also know as CRPS, I am wondering if chronic pain and PTSD is now one of the illness to allow for medical low THC medical marijuana oil. I saw a clip on the news today 03.29.2018 saying it is now on the list.

  5. I agree we need to allow this for those with both PTSD and chronic pain. This has been proven to work well for both conditions. This is better than opioids for chronic pain! It’s time our state get with the times and we take advantage of this God given medicine.

    1. I am a 64 year old cool have had low back surgery and also neck surgery for the pain that’s radiating down my left arm now I’m having pain on my right side pain radiating down that arm and also my left leg and hip is in pain and I have been in constant pain 4 years and I want to know where can we get the low THC or I have been certified 4 acre for the low-dose THC CBD card I have my card and I am certified to get it but I don’t know where to get it from

  6. I have Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis & also fell from the roof of a 2 story home when climbing down onto an extension ladder after cleaning gutters. I have had lumbar fusion from L2-S1 ( 1 rod, multiple cages & screws as well as bone grafts), implanted an electrical stimulation device, received over 100 injections as well as 60 nerve burnings (they regenerate). I am currently in need of surgery in the cervical area for forming narrowing (in layman’s terms a narrowing of a “channel” which houses nerves) as well as cervical fusion from C3-C5 similar to my lumbar fusion for a grade 4 anterolistesis (only 25% of C3 vertebrae is left in place so am running risk of total paralysis or even death if I can’t come up with enough $ for my co-pay in order to get surgery) plus I have all sorts of other more minor issues such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, & on & on. I am currently unable to work, on disability (took 4 yrs of red tape, lawyers & court to obtain!). I have been on oxycodone, extended release morphine, muscle relaxers, neurontin, NSAIDs, methotrexate & enbrel (when I can afford the $2300/MO that my medicare part d supplement deems my responsibility & only 2 policies will cover at all despite 18yrs on market, still no generic in sight!) & a bunch of other prescriptions for hypothyroidism, hypertension,menopause, as we as supplements such as flax seed oil, folic acid, vitamins B, C, D, Calcium,zinc, etc. My liver enzymes are constantly out of whack due to all the medicines I take just to be able to semi function at age 52. I take a dandelion tincture to assist my liver. I have tried medical Marijuana and it cut my need for opioid in HALF! Plus, Marijuana has ZERO drug interactions, helps with nausea from not only my Menear’s disease (inner ear inbalance as a result of a bad anesthesiologist during my hysterectomy) but also from the shear volume of pills hitting my stomach 4 times a day. I am havin MAJOR acid reflux problems due to all the medications & vomiting so am scoped every year to make sure it hasn’t become cancerous. Then there’should also the issue of PTSD from seeing a loved one shot in the head & saving his life. Yet currently, I am not a candidate for CBD oil!! If it weren’t for my RA/Lupus joint pain, I would have left this dark aged state a very long time ago. Up until age 48 I had worked no less than 2 jobs in my life,finished raising my daughter after my husband “disappeared” to avoid paying child support (at which time I began working 4 jobs – 3PT & 1FT as a business insurance agent). I paid what HOPE didn’t cover at UGA for my daughter’s anthropology degree, I put her through private schooling beginning age 2 until 13 when I divorced. I am no slacker/pot head/mouch/drug addict/drug lover. I simply want to be able to sleep w/o a full mattress heating pad & with my new hubby of 11 years, hold my grand babies & maybe even play in the floor with them without wanting to die from the pain, w/o braces on every joint possible including my lower back & neck. Just want some semblance of a life. Why is that too much to ask in this day & age? If I drop 1 oxycodone or morphine in the sink or toilet, I’m in big trouble from lack of medication aka withdrawals, can’t get any more until the next refill date & then only after passing a freaking drug test that costs me $317/mo even though the drugs I take MADE me an addict, the tests are to make sure that I am not taking any form of the herb/weed Marijuana! Our laws are so arcane it is absolutely pathetic. DC residents can smoke pot yet it’s federally illegal, guess politicians had to make sure they wouldn’t be prosecuted. PLEASE Governor Deal, think long and hard about the brief summation of my life & yes, believe it or not, this was brief compared to the full report! I am praying that you are a compassionate person & ruler who can see the very many medicinal qualities and benefits of marijuana in the numerous forms it can be consumed. I know the concerns of teenagers getting their hands on marijuana but if thought about honestly, it’s easier to steal mom, dad or grandparent’s oxycodone, liquor, cigarettes, etc than it is a vial of unappetizing, non-high producing oil! My life, as well as the lives of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of other people’s live, many of whom are very young children, all hang in the balance while seeking your approval & backing to move this forward before your replacement takes office & we have to start over…again. Thank you so very much for your time and consideration! By the way, I have voted for you each time, please don’t let me & my family down, we’re counting on YOU!

  7. God put it here on earth for a reason. Let us have some pain relief. I have severe scoliosis of the spine which effects my digestive system kidneys and severe rib pain and my intestinal track. My back is shaped like an S also my rib cage is moving like a hurricane. Like a said god has blessed us with pain management let us have it.

  8. I broke my bag in 1982 while putting a track back on a D8 Caterpillar. I had three disk fused with mechanical implant. In 1989 I was rear-ended by a drunk and had to have another back fusion along with a neck fusion with metal plate screwed in. I was a narcotics interdiction officer and got in a fight on the interstate which screwd my neck up again. I have also been diagnosed with severe PTSD. My doctor says there is no way in hell that he would prescribe thc or cbd oil. Now he will prescribe plenty of opiods that keep me so screwed up till at times I can’t even function and just want to sleep or have sex.what is a person in my case suppose to due when your doctor want issue a card or prescribe the oil but keeps you f__ked up on opiods.

  9. I have Hyperthyroidism which has MANY symptoms associated with it as it is an autoimmune disease. I throw up randomly and I get very nauseous every time I eat. I have bad tremors and sometimes I can’t work. My hair has thinned and fell out and I have to take two pills three times a day. The mood swings and being flighty all of the time makes you disoriented. This disease is highly debilitating! Lupus is along the lines of what people with Hyper and Hypothyroidism suffer from; Lupus has been added to the list of “acceptable” conditions that are allowed to use medical marijuana. If Lupus is included, all autoimmune diseases, such as Hyper and Hypothyroidism, should be included as well. We need assistance so we can function during the day. Medical marijuana can absolutely assist in helping us control this disease and we can lead better lives. There are many websites, including testimonials, that talk about the benefits of marijuana use in relation to Hyperthyroidism. I can personally attest to its benefits; my throwing up and nausea have only subsided after use and it has improved my life 10 fold. Marijuana is legal in four states and the patients living there have spoken about their improvement of life.

    I have been given high dose pain killers such as Loratab and Oxycontin; both are highly addictive. For me, I am allergic to them so it causes me more nausea and vomiting. I no longer want to live in this condition. In and out of hospitals is more than enough. Those four states are doing more for their people and those patients are doing much better. Please help ALL patients who are suffering! There’s no point in all of this suffering. We are people who need help and this is the way to do it. Please assist!

  10. They get a “kick back” from the pharmaceutical companies. God’s natural cure doesn’t make them any money! It’s barely about helping people anymore.

  11. I need to see if I can get on medical marijuana. I have fibrosis degenerative disc osteoporosis and fibrosis I have two disc missing and they say they can not fix I have also spinal surgery fusion in that I am seeing pain Mgt I am in so lmuch pain I am taking meds but they are not working the I take so much that That it is causing bad stomach problems I know It would help please consider my request thank you for considering my request

  12. It’s 2019 now. Has anything happened with this bill? My guess is no. I am tired of suffering and waiting.

  13. Cannabis oil has changed my life. I am no longer depressed or anxious about my pain due to psoriatic arthritis in both hips and both shoulders. Though I deal with my intractable pain with diet, exercise and medication, the cannabis oil has made the most difference. Thank you Georgia Legislature.

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