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Georgia activists campaign against medical marijuana bill after in-state grow provision removed

In 2015 the Georgia Legislature and the Governor took an important first step toward providing some of our sickest patients with access to cannabis medicine by passing the Haleigh’s Hope Act. Upon doing so everyone involved, including the Governor, said that in-state cultivation would be a topic for another day. Well that day has come and the Governor and much of the General Assembly have abandoned their promise to Georgia patients by stripping HB 722 of an in-state cultivation and dispensary model, forcing patients to continue violating federal drug trafficking laws in order to obtain their medicine.

Because of this perceived betrayal many of the patients and parents that were the strongest champions of 722 have now vowed to defeat it at any cost necessary. This attitude may not worry a term-limited Governor so much but you can be sure that there is an educated and highly-motivated force comprised of parents of children with fatal and life-altering diseases forming right now that will lobby to take out any politician that continues to obstruct access to medicine going forward.

A group of parents and activists led by Dale Jackson, a vocal proponent of in-state medical marijuana cultivation and father of a severely autistic son, has formed in an effort to both defeat 722 as well as to publicly announce their crime of smuggling marijuana oil across the country. Jackson says the they have amassed a group of 200 families (and growing) that are planning an act of mass civil disobedience. In a recent Facebook post Jackson announced a “storm that is coming” upon Governor deal and his team.

“I never thought I would say this but it has to be said! We warned the Governor and his team not to underestimate us and now they are going to have to deal with the storm that is coming! For this to work we have to have YOU HELP US! We need you to send this to your friends and family!”

A poll released today by Atlanta NBC affiliate 11 Alive shows 67 percent of those surveyed favor in-state cultivation of medical marijuana.

11 thoughts on “Georgia activists campaign against medical marijuana bill after in-state grow provision removed

  1. I say to our governor, I would walk across the state line with a banner around my neck that I will break the law each and every month, if that is what it will take to get the medical marijuana that my daughter needs to help her live a normal life, that folks like you take for granted! Try seeing your child suffer from more seizures than can be counted, and then tell me along with many more parents that you will not push with all the power that you have, to make it happen! Come on get you hand out of the pharmaceutical companies pockets, and put your hand out to the ones that suffer the most!!!

  2. Please let us know what we can do to help! I am sick and tired of our politicians, that we elected, only serving their own interests and not the will of the people. I am willing to do whatever it takes to help these families in need. I am sure there are plenty of other Georgians that are willing to do the same. That is what we do in this state and in the south, we help each other. It’s time for our elected officials to do the same.

  3. It absolutely blows my mind that anyone could be against medical marijuana. I understand how people wouldnt want it to be legalized recreational so people could get high, but even then how can someone tell another person what they can or cant do with a plant that grows out of the ground? Not having a proper medical law passed is just ignorant. Peake for Gov

  4. Today is my 45th birthday. I live every day with excruciating pain. Under Georgia law, I do not qualify for the medical marijuana. I hope to see that change, but first we have to band together to see that it can be grown and dispensed in Georgia. How do we do this?

    1. I know how you feel I’m in the same boat as you with the media reports on pain drugs my doc won’t give me what it takes to help my pain I don’t know what to do and now it makes me feel deprest I think medical marijuana would help

  5. With a medicine that is as effective as marijuana against so many diseases, any advances that allow people to cure their own illnesses presents a real threat to the profits of the pharmaceutical companies. I’m with you, Joe. Peake for Governor!

  6. I am very disappointed Hep C is not on the list of approved diseases. HIV/AIDS is?

    Not to downplay Aids, but Hep c is a much bigger disease in this country and around the world at this point. 2.7 million are infected in this country alone.

    Liver disease is a huge epidemic in this country. The government still puts this disease on the back burner.

    When are we going to realize this and remove the stigmatism that goes with it?

    This is no longer a disease of injection drug use. Many inflicted are Vietnam veterans. They are all mom’s, dad’s, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, grandparents, uncles, cousins,……your neighbor, co worker……on and on.

    Those who suffer from this disease go through symptoms like pain,lack of appetite, weight loss,bloating, swelling, skin problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, changes in eye sight,tinnitus, headaches, muscle aches, anemia, ascites, diabetes, kidney failure, nausea, tooth decay, vitamin deficiencie, insomnia, brain fog,internal bleeding, digestive problems, transplantation and death.

    Liver disease is a very long, painful and debilitating disease. It certainle makes a case for Marijuana usage approval. I would like to know if it was even considered. If not, why not. If do, why did it not make the list?

    We are suffering too!

  7. I have been using Charlotte Web CBD oil which is legal in all 50 states, I have Fibromyalgia, really my wonderful Doctor and call it “They don’t know what the eff you have so let’s call it Fibromyalgia” acts like MS, no lesions, eating up my kidneys like lupus no antibodies, and fatigue, sore throats, but no Epstein Barr, and bunches of other lovely stuff that 15 medications a day didn’t help. Plus Degenerative Disc Disease to add to the muscle spasms and general chronic pain. I am really sensitive to medication because I almost died 4 years ago due to an undiagnosed Kidney Infection so my kidneys failed,and all those worthless medications backed up in my system and overdosed me and kept stopping my heart. Funny how that works. But I fired doctors, got off the worthless drugs except a few I have to have and CBD OIL has been a miracle for my red ant stinging nerve pain all over my body, no more migraines, my muscles are less spasmatic, I feel all around better except the chronic pain. I can get pain meds, I have Norco 7.5, which is about like taking Tylenol for wisdom teeth pain. But any more strength and I am a zombie. Epidural don’t work anymore. I am basically in the bed 22 Hours a day most days. My friends from compassionate states with the same thing tell the THC in medical cannabis will fix me, but Georgia isn’t compassionate or logical because they think it’s safer and less addictive for people with chronic pain to take 3 Percocet 10 a day then 1ml of cannabis oil twice a day. I have taken the same dose for 6 months and keep feeling better, except for the pain. Really, morphine pumps were what the doctors were pushing on me 3 years ago! Morphine or Medication Marijuana? Which is less addictive and dangerous, I am 57, that’s a long time on morphine!

  8. Soon to be 69-waiting is not an option -my cancer hasn’t reached a stage that would qualify me for cannabis oil in the State of Georgia –

  9. Hi board. I have fibromyalgia, chronic back and hip pain from a wreck, spasms all over, bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome. There is more but this will do.
    I don’t think Governor Deal and the rest know what they are doing when it comes to medical cannabis. They are scared they will have a bunch of stoners when that is not the case at all!
    I have been on morphine for years, but it don’t ease my pain even a little bit. Six months ago I hit one at a get together, and was amazed at the relief that I felt. I am now recovering from my spasms I still have them but not like before. I can now take deep breath. I am 75 percent better. So I am adding my voice to the fray to legalize cannabis in all its forms. Don’t cheat the people by lowering thc. It’s the thc that is killing cancer cells and giving people the relief they need.
    By the time Deal gets thru with it it will be good for nothing.
    You can’t tell us not to grow a plant for medical purposes. We grow herbs that soothe and heal cannabis is a herb. I don’t care about selling it for profit, I won’t to be able to treat myself the way I see fit. This is America.

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