Rekha Singh MD

Rekha Singh MD
Rekha Singh MD
Rekha Singh MD
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Board certified family practice, practicing for 22 years in Suwannee, Georgia.

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  1. Hi Dr. Singh, my name is Davis Roebuck. I was diagnosed with crohns about 3 years ago. My current doctor will not give me any information on the cannabis oil and Im hoping you can help.

    1. I am 77 years old for about 20 years of my life I was a school teacher. The last 8.5 years I taught in a residential group home for delinquent teen-age boys before that I was the Director of a child care center for 150 children from 6 weeks to 12 years or sometime older for serverly handicapped. We had one child that I held the whole time he was there because he was expected to die at any time. He was 7 and beautiful. His mother was in a bad car wreck when he was almost full term. As far as I could tell she was okay. I am not sure he was aware where he was but I treated him like he knew. I kept him when the other children had graduation or other events where he really did not need to be. I was a child protective service worker for 5 years. I am a really good child interviewer. Somehow they know I care and want to help and they just tell me all of the horrible things that people do to children. Before that we were in the dairy business for 19 years. I delivered about 3000 or so calves in that time, drove tractors, of course milked cows—mountains of paperwork. I can still train any horse. I am obviously not as fast as I use to be. I have raised my 3 children. I have also raised many calves, foals, puppies, kittens, a few kids, lambs, a few wild rabbits, 2 opposums and a 4 pound fawn. Oh yeah, a few baby birds, ducks and chickens.
      6 years ago I was driving on a 4 lane highway about 2 in the afternoon on a clear day. No other cars on the road. I was going about 50. I got rear ended so hard that it mashed his car bumper even with his windshield. My car seat hit my back and I hit my seatbelt. My spine has many problems, sciatica only being one. I am and have been in constant pain since. Pills help some. Injections help some but that help does not help long. I have had 2 doses of hemp oil. I know that isn’t much to make any kind of judgement. Now I am astonished that this treatment has not been offered to me before I have not been totally pain free but it is the closest thing to Pain free that I have had.
      What is wrong with our medical system that I have been allowed to suffer like I have when that treatment exists somewhere on this planet. My daughter came in one day last week and insisted that I try it. Obviously I will not be pregnant again and I have no desire to be high, stoned, or dreamy. I want to do the laundry, see, cook, take care of my grandchildren and care for the dogs and horses.
      I am tough that’s why I shared my life. If you need me to testify in the state or National Congress or senate I will. I have been walking around all day saying, “it is criminal that they have let me suffer like they have when all the time this was available and I did not know how wonderful it is for Pain.
      Please tell me what I need to do to help other chronic pain sufferers.

  2. I have been suffering with pain from eye cysts and broken leg In 22 places plus depression for over 15 years. I was checking how that med could help me. Every day us a struggle with pain and mood etc.

  3. Mother has multiple myeloma and is interested in seeking treatment with THC oil. Please provide information on what needs to be done in order to proceed.

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