A. Randle Beecham, DO

A. Randle Beecham, DO
A. Randle Beecham, DO
A. Randle Beecham, DO
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Dr. Beecham is the Medical Director of Georgia Pain Associates. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Ft. Worth, Texas.

A native of Decatur, Georgia, Dr. Beecham has practiced in Georgia for the past 30 years. After 20 years of Family Practice in Cherokee County, he worked in the Emergency Department of several local hospitals and staffed Urgent Care locations in the Atlanta area.

Dr. Beecham is Board-Certified by the American Osteopathic Association in Family Medicine and Pain Medicine.

10 thoughts on “A. Randle Beecham, DO

  1. Hello,
    I am on dissability because of multiple problems. One of the main ones is injury(s) to my back. I have a bulging disc with stenosis and arthritus. I have Cigna-Healthspring insurance. Medicare.
    Is there a way for me to see you with this coverage and my problem?
    James H.

  2. I have seizures and have been on medication my whole life (tegretol, lamictal, phenobarbatol). I also recently had a episode that took me to the hospital. It appeared to be a mini stroke by my family doctor feels that I might has MS. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. Are you accepting new patients?? Sincerely Paula D

  3. I am 67 year old male with ALL of the following issues: heart disease with quad bypass, Parkinson’s, kidney CKD stage 3 with one kidney removed, BPH and severe adhesion pain from 14 breaches of my abdominal wall. I want to get a Georgia low THC card and try CBC. All my doctors give me is pills like oxycodone and choldopane (alprazolam) and I dislike them. Can you help me?

  4. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer. He has already had chemo treatment, Ketruda, and whole head radiation. They want to start him on another chemo treatment due to all other treatments are not slowing the growth of cancer. We are looking for information for RSO oil as well as getting a perscription for the use of cbd oil.

  5. I have Tourette’s Syndrome, it’s pretty bad. I am in need of your help to get a card for the low – THC Oil here in Georgia. Along with the TS I have ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, as well as Peripheral Neuropathy. Thank You James Henderson

  6. Hi Dr B.

    I have Trigeminal, Geniculate and Occipital Neuralgia, due to 3 non-malignant brain tumors they can’t remove.I’ve had @ 6 brain surgeries (including a shunt) so far thru Vanderbilt Medical Center. A few months back, I literally woke up and had trouble walking…and it’s only gotten worse. I’m sure some is due to diabetes and neuropathy but it’s like my brain just quit telling my legs to work. I began to have lower back, hip and knee pains, as well, which is totally new for me. I am now using a walker, for safety, to prevent falls. I have Gilsbar (primary) and Medicare (secondary). Would seeing me be an option? I’m @ 1hr+ away, in N.Ga. please advise. Thanks so much.

  7. Hello, I have been diagnosed with PTSD; Major Depression rec with psychosis servere; and also Bipolar Disorder. My anxiety is unbearing. I have painic attacks frequently at least twice a week. I’m on seven different medications, the side affects are terrible, I feel drugged up in a world away from the real world. I have done alot of research and read numerous testomonies about CSD for my condition. It has help so many people with anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Can it help me? If so, how can I get help for my symptoms?

  8. I have a four-year-old son with autism and just develop seizures 12 3 2018. Neurologist are saying absent or focal have put him on anti-convulsant drugs and as well as a diastat diazepam emergency kit. I understand the need for an emergency but he is had awful symptoms after being put on this trileptal he’s not the same Easton that were used to and the medicine has horrible side effects and does not blend with other medications checking into a more natural way due to our religious beliefs we’ve always been on home on, organic and all-natural since day one. Looking in to CBD oil for seizures have four to five recommendations from therapists, coach, teachers, LPN & will know if pediatrician is on board by the. If you can help me in any way please email me as soon as possible thank you.

  9. Is it possible to get in to see you this week. 1/2/19 on? My pain is relentless I have neuropathy and Fibromyalgia, depression foot pain that cannot seem to be explained making it very difficult to walk and function day to day. I believe it to be intractable pain given it’s definition. I do not wish to treat with pain opioids due to potential of addiction possibilities. Looking at low dose Cannabis/THC

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