Georgia Hemp Industries

Georgia Hemp Industries was established as the clearing house for hemp related information, education, industry development and support and policy advocacy. Farmers, investors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers or encourage to join our efforts to promote and advance hemp industries in Georgia.

GHI is Georgia’s only trade organization dedicated to the re­-establishment of hemp as a cash crop.

2 thoughts on “Georgia Hemp Industries

  1. Interested in licensing requirements for growing marijuana legally once laws have been past. Would like information on how to apply and where to look for latest information.

  2. I am a seizure patient who has been on medication my whole life. I have been doing my research and feel that this is the only way to go for patients of all types of problems-parkinson, PTSD, seizures, etc. I even want to be involved in the process of re-establishing the hemp as cash crop for georgia as well as a retailer. Please keep me in mind!!! I am totally behind this movement.

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