Georgia C.A.R.E. Project

Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform and Education, Inc. (Georgia C.A.R.E. Project) is dedicated to the reform of Georgia’s antiquated cannabis laws. We are a volunteer-led organization that believes it’s time to end marijuana prohibition.

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project serves as a clearinghouse for information on cannabis law reform, activism and provides a voice for cannabis law reform in Georgia.

4 thoughts on “Georgia C.A.R.E. Project

  1. can you let me know the exact steps you must take to obtain your canabis oil . where can you find the most updated list of all conditions covered, as most of the internet info for the state of georgia is from 2015 or 2016. the most up to date rulings have been in march 2017,however most are still unclear as to all things covered now , or how to obtain a card. do you have to go to your primary care or how does it work.

    1. If you get the forms off GDPH & do everything right you get the Georgia Dept of Vital Records then you or I was told most of the info. On GDPH is NOT correct.The run around continues !! If I ever get a solution I will post so hope anyone else will

  2. I am in Cartersville and would like to find a Dr to prescribe Medical lowTHC oil for pain and nausea management close to my area.

  3. Ok, so I’ve been a strong Cannabis Activist since 2011, primalely on a #1 ranked forum website based out of Los Angeles CA where I have educated myself and have written untold amounts of threads on the subject of Cannabis Activism over the years. As well I worked as a site Newshawk for a while so I can say without a doubt that I could really bring something to the cause here at home in Georgia.

    Personally, I’m nowhere near satisfied with “Low THC/CBD”. Not that I’m not grateful for it, but that has never truly been the mission, the mission has always been to see the end of the Cannabis war and not one more person being incarcerated for mere possession by way of regulated legalization for adult consumption.

    The mission really shouldn’t even be about making tons of revenue, although it will most certainly do that very thing, but it’s far deeper than that in that it’s about finley being free from tyranny and oppression here in Georgia…And for what? Cultivating a plant that’s never killed a single human in history? One that has proven medical properties? One that’s a far safer alternative to deadlier substances like tobacco, alcohol and opiates? No brainer their!

    The problem is that we as Cannabis consumers, and I mean all of us, aren’t uniting as one large force and fighting for it openly. We’re not holding weekly rallies and speaking out on a regular basis, we’re not out handing out fliers, we’re not creating Cannabis awareness and education nowhere near like we could/should.

    Georgia lawmakers aren’t going to just wake up one day and say “Hey, I think we’ll vote to legalize Marijuana today,…not many people are asking for it, but I think we’ll do it anyway just to be nice”…NOPE!!! That’s never going to happen, ever!

    We’ve got to somehow gather the troops and put boots on the ground people, that’s the only way. That’s how they did it in all the legalized states and that’s how we’re going to have to do it here in the “Deep South” too, period!

    thanks guys,
    420 Warrior

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