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  1. I live in Augusta GA and have some scoliosis that was aggravated in the Army. I receive disability and I’m always at the VA for back pain medication is there anybody in this area that you can refer me to about medical marijuana. I have tried medical marijuana and my back pain in my spine pain goes away I think this is the best for me as I believe the pills that my doctor prescribed does not help thank you

  2. I have severe scoliosis of the spine. my nuosurgeon is suggesting to remove a rib for better breathing. I am in severepain all the time . I have two curves both over 60%.please let me know if I an elegible. I a 64.it has started to affect my organs, my digestive system and also my kidneys. can you releve any of this pain.

  3. Idk What To Do I HAVE Chronic Pain, SLE, COpd,anxiety, squamous metaplasia of the badder and I stay in a lot of pain with fibromyalgia.

  4. No one give a damn in ga about people taking pain med 7more year fentanyl and oxcodone steroids shot other kinds shots life is in constant pain ga law do mess up have to go every month get chain to another pain clinic they left me with nothing because of records transfer so I can’t move in basic said going thru withdraws what the hell I shouldn’t be im suffering ga dropping the ball.

  5. if you are waiting for help from the VA,you will be dead before any of these jerks(Drs.)will offer help,both physical &mental.i am a pt. since 2001,never had a positive come up on piss test,except this year.they never said a word and just cut me out of pain meds.No weaning off,No reduction,just you aren’t receiving your pain meds.never asked to take a second pee test.as of now no more meds from VA,forever.wish i had never joined the army,because they will not take care of you medically.this is called the TS Syndrome.have a painful day,week,month & year.

  6. I have broken my spine five times, and have had 6 major surgeries. I suffer from RA,MS symptoms, as well as Perefial neuropathy.
    I am in constant pain.I Have tried oxycodone, fentnal patches, hydrocodone, Morphine, Butrans patches, Neurotin,MP4, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, Neurotriptyline, Lyrica,and Cympbalta, as well as many other meds. I wish to get a Ga Medical Marijuana Card for 5% oil.
    Please contact me, Thank you.

  7. My wife has stage 4 small cell lung cancer. I’m looking for any help from any doctor. The only thing is I want the correct doctor and the correct help can anyone help me? Please leave your suggestions. I’ve heard that cannabis oil is the way to go because it kills the stem cells of the cancer cell so please leave your information and I will be glad to check it out. Positive results is What I’m Looking for because we’re running out of time. Thanks, David email me directly if you wish, it would probably be best. I am in the Marietta Georgia area. One mile from the big chicken.

    1. Have you spoken to Dr. Doniparthi yet? The telephone number is above, I would recommend making an appointment.

  8. Thanks to Dr. Doniparthi, I was able to obtain my THC Oil card in less than 2 days. Hes a very great guy, understanding, and works fast. Id recommend him to each and everyone that is going through life events that can make you feel uncertain in which direction you should go next.

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