Dr. Cathy MD

Dr. Cathy MD
Dr. Cathy MD
Dr. Catherine Emeruwa
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Dr. Catherine Emeruwa, affectionately known as Dr. Cathy, is a Board-Certified Family practitioner and is truly an anomaly. Dr. Cathy has been practicing for over 25 years. Known for her engaging personality and winsome smile, Dr. Cathy is very well respected in the industry and genuinely loves being a doctor. Dr. Cathy’s patients receive optimal service the minute they walk through the doors of her Atlanta offices. She spends an inordinate amount of time with each patient taking into consideration the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Dr. Cathy’s unique international background helps explain her interest in holistic medicine. She was born in Winnepeg Manitoba Canada to a Jamaican-Canadian mother and Nigerian father. Her father was a microbiologist and her paternal grandfather was an herbalist in the village where he was well recognized. At the age of 12 she moved to Nigeria. She attended medical school the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Later she moved to England and then eventually returned to Canada where she got married and started a family.

In 1997, Dr. Cathy moved to Brooklyn New York and specialized in Family Medicine at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. After completing that program, she and her family moved to Atlanta in 2000 where she opened several practices over the years now focusing on integrative medicine. She exhibit a passion for patient care, and she explicitly model all of the above to medical trainees, earning a reputation for being exceptional.

Passion is the Language of Relationship
Dr. Cathy is a relationship builder with strong people skills and her patients love it! She is a hardworking and compassionate physician who provides genuine and quality care to every patient under her management. True passion is one of the most powerful feelings one may feel in their lifetime. One can become so passionate about something that they feel they would die for it (and sometime do). It may be one of the most powerful of all human emotions. It is when people harness their passions in positive ways the world is shaped in a beautiful way. Passionate people are alive, energetic, proactive and dynamic beings who have come to fully realize the potential within their own mind, body, life and soul. As Dr. Cathy teaches, the people that you are 100% responsible for your health and life. She encourages all to believe that they can change the outcome of their dream no matter what.

Dr. Cathy has offices in Buckhead, Alpharetta and Fairburn.



17 thoughts on “Dr. Cathy MD

  1. I have Transverse Myelitis a rare spinal cord diease, about 1,400 people a year get this and it’s a close to MS but neurologist don’t know how to treat it I do not want to keep taking all the meds the continue to give me and know the harm they can do to my body. Please help work with me to reduce my pain and neurophtay pain

    1. I also have Transverse Myelitis and now MS. Been on pain meds for 16 years only to be turned off by my wonderful lol neurologist. Can’t seem to get off them without having withdrawals. Sick of this traditional approach to pain management. Looking for a doctor that thinks out of the box, like Medical Marijuana and the benefits I know it offers as well as pain meds.

  2. I called HER number that listed on the web site..and got no response except not accepting calls and a hang up… so went to the website to send previous email…. so …. do you really want me to contact you… send me a phone number that works….Jerry

  3. I would very much like to speak toanyone that can help me. I have hereiditary and idiopathic nuropathy in my legs hands and back have several issues autoimune immune disorder arthoritis scoliosis and just miserable 28th life

    1. You would have to call Dr. Cathy and ask her (her office number is listed above), but as far as Georgia law is concerned the seizures must be as a result of Epilepsy or TBI.

  4. Hello, I have a spinal cord injury where the lining of my spinal cord was severed and have chronic pain and numbness, loss of feeling, as well as feeling like tho7sands of burning needles are coming out of my feet and legs!! I also believe I have PTSD and I am ficlxing to be tested for it!! I currently have screws and plates holding my back together at the thoracic level, I also have discs in both the cervical and lumbar regions where I had a morphine pump installed and had to later have it removed because it was causing severe migraines!! Is there any way or help with cannabis oil!! I am lucky just to be walking and I also have severe anxiety attacks!!

  5. Hello my name is Jessica Hundley. I suffer from an autoimmune disease called Systemic Lupus E. sle, fibromyalgia chronic pain syndrome Graves disease bipolar nausea and vomiting and etc….

  6. Hello, I would like to get cirtified
    to get the medical cannabis oil for the
    Peripheral Neuropthy, that i have and it has gotten to point that the pain meds do not work and i have been dealing with this for over 15 years now having Multiple Meyoloma and the treatment has caused this condition, Can you help, Thank You.

  7. I have intractable pain. 15 to 20 debilitating migraine headaches per month. The VA offers cannabis oil but my neurologist doesn’t prescribe it for me even though I have told him how much it helps. Can you please help me.

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