Campbell Family Medicine

Campbell Family Medicine
Campbell Family Medicine
Dr. Ellie Campbell, DO
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410 Peachtree Pkwy Suite 4200


Dr Campbell is a Board-certified family physician with clinical interests in women’s health, wellness, and complementary and alternative care.

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  1. I have Orthostatic Tremor and take Clonasapam for it. Have you had any patients with this rare disease that have tried medical marijuana.? If so can you help me purchasing some and giving it a try?

  2. Hi! I have had crohns for 14yrs depression anxiety for as long as I can remember severe back issues. In 2015 I had seizue while driving fractured spine then in 2017 seizure while driving fractured spine nose eye blind right died revived breathing tubes it was bad. I continue to have seizures. I continue to have pain and so many issues. Im looking for help with alternative care. I’m taking so many medication it cant be good. I would like to take medical marijuana legally thats the only thing thats helped my crohns and I believe the oil will help my seizures as well. The current meds are not working. I have 2 kids counting on mommy. The past few years we have gone through all of this homeless working up to duplex now back down because momma cant work with seizures and bad back. Please advise!

  3. I take clonasal am for depression for my granddad suicide. I’ve suffered depression for 15 years.I’ve broke 22 bones by a drunk driver 5 years ago and suffer pain daily and need relief from all of this and want to try something different. I no the cancer and. Seizures don’t cover any cause but my eyes constantly have to have cysts removed aND need relief. Can you help me with a solution please cause I’ve researched for years and thc helps with pain. Depression anxiety and other disorders and I do belief it will help me. I e have a hard life with many health issues that doctors want give me med for. Thc can help with pain and every other issue that I have noted above. Please contact me with more information. GA has limited who can and who can not hAve the thc oil etc. I am college educated and need help with everyday living and believe it is worth trying. I’m tired of taking Lexapro for 15 years and I don’t take any pain killers for my leg I broke and almost list. I suffer from that pain daily and fight through it to work everyday cause I have to make a living to survive. I hope you can help me. My eye has constant cysts that for that cause serious pain and have to be cut out but GA legislature on shows very serious digenerative issues that will allow patients to receive medical thc. Please help he and contact me back please cause with my issues I have I bI’ve qualify for medical marriyuana or thc. The laws need to be changed cause peoplease suffer besides dieing patients and other serious disorders. Thanks for listening to me.

  4. I want some information regarding the heath issues that the State of Ga allows you to legally obtain Cannabis Oil ?
    I am 59 years old been on disability since 2005
    I have severe osteoarthritis, and just found out that I have a bad cause of Osteoporosis. I have already had two lower lumbar surgeries w/ fusion as well as April of 2017 I had to have neck surgery. The disk and spacers had deteriorated so badly that they had to do for 4 levels fused, along with new spacers, new artificial disc and something else however I do not remember what they called it.
    Then I started having severe pain in thoracic regions, A scan was done and that is when my neurosurgeon found that I had severe Osteoporosis. He said that I needed a Bone Density test to determine at what part of deterioration of the whole body was in regards of that and if we needed to start the shots immediately. He also put me on high doses of Calcium with Vitiman D to take twice a day. My height has already lost 2″. I also severely broke my right ankle in 4 different areas and had to have surgery on it. In all I ended up with a total of 4 surgeries just on my ankle. An for probably for 15 to 20 years ago I have been told that I am covered up with arthritis. But there I have a problem I can not take any arthritis
    Medicine nor any anti-
    Inflammatory because of already having to lose the bottom section of my stomach due to the erosion of the bottom half of my stomach. So my doctor that did the the surgery gave me a list of the drugs that I should never put in my stomach. Those were two however; antibiotics, alcohol, anything very spicy. My potassium had to be the coated capsule. I stay in Chronic Pain continuously. There is never a moment that I am totally pain free.

    Please send me some information regarding your opion of the Canabis Oil or anything at all that you think will be worth trying that will help at all. On the Osteoporosis, my Grandmother, my mother and 2 sisters have all had it and my mother and grandmother it was very very severe. They were drawn overalmost complete. They both were on walkers and they would have had to stop and turn slightly to the side so they could look slightly up to seeca person and be able to talk with anyone.Before my mother died we would have to put 6 to 7 pillars around her back and under her neck just so we could just get her a little comfort.
    I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon regarding what you think would be the best route for me.

    Vickie Craven

  5. I’m a 43 year old male. I had Steven Johnson syndrome in my 20’s that turned into TENS that gave me a 15% chance to live I was in a coma in Augusta burn unit it burned me from the inside out my lungs was one organ that was burning along with others. by a miracle I did survive but I had a lot of recovery and now I’ve overcome a lot but they said it probably took 10+ years off my life, I’m blind in one eye the other stays very irritated everyday and painful and also my eyelashes grow inside out now so they grow on the inside of my eyelid which is the most painful daily aggravation and I lost my fingernails and toenails ect. Ect. Just don’t want to take prescription meds or any other pain killers. Think you can help?

  6. Hello, I have sever anxiety that interrupts my family life, relationships and job life. I just want some relieve from my overacted brain. Can I see you for help in getting CBT?

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