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Father of Georgia Low THC Oil Program Announces Retirement from State House

A surprising announcement from the man who took on the “good ol’ boy” establishment in order to bring life-saving low THC cannabis oil to Georgia patients has many parents and patients wondering what the future of the program will look like after announcing that he won’t seek reelection in 2018. State Representative Allen Peake, the […]


GA Governor Open to Adding PTSD, Chronic Pain in MMJ Expansion

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Governor Nathan Deal’s top aide, Chris Riley, told reporters that the governor is prepared to get behind a move to add post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain to the list of qualifying conditions for Georgia low THC oil patients. The move surprised both patients and […]

Dale Jackson

Georgia Senate passes cannabis oil expansion, adding several new conditions

Georgia lawmakers managed to pass a meaningful expansion of the two year-old cannabis oil law by adding several new qualifying conditions and making it easier for some patients with a current qualifying condition to receive certification, although in-state cultivation is still off the table (for now). As a result of the efforts of representative Allen […]

medical marijuana oil law

Georgia Senate kills medical marijuana oil expansion bill

During the final day of the 2016 legislative session the Georgia Senate failed to take action on SB 145, a bill which would have expanded Georgia’s medical marijuana oil law. The defeat of SB 145 comes after a legislative session chock full of political wrangling and the further intrusion of special interests into the lives of sick and […]

CDC tells pain management doctors testing patients for THC isn’t necessary

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an updated set of guidelines for prescribing opioids to patients suffering from chronic pain. Buried inside the language of the 37-page report, which is an attempt to put a leash on the prescription painkiller epidemic, the CDC urged doctors to modify their drug screening policies […]

Georgia House of Representatives

Medical Marijuana Bill Passes House, Headed to Senate

Following last week’s final hearing on House Bill 722 before the Non-Civil Judiciary Committee a very different bill emerged than was originally submitted. In the initial draft of the legislation, submitted by Rep. Allen Peake (R- Macon), Georgia patients would have seen an expanded medical marijuana oil program that included a robust in-state cultivation and distribution […]

georgia medical marijuana bill

Georgia activists campaign against medical marijuana bill after in-state grow provision removed

n 2015 the Georgia Legislature and the Governor took an important first step toward providing some of our sickest patients with access to cannabis medicine by passing the Haleigh’s Hope Act. Upon doing so everyone involved, including the Governor, said that in-state cultivation would be a topic for another day. Well that day has come […]

Georgia Lawmakers Say NO to In-State Medical Marijuana Cultivation

During a hearing today for House Bill 722 lawmakers agreed to dispense with the portion of the bill which would have established a legitimate cannabis industry in Georgia and allowed the in-state cultivation of medical marijuana.

Download this FREE e-book on medical marijuana and MS

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is one of the most studied diseases in the field of cannabinoid research, and it has become one of the “cornerstone conditions” for many state medical marijuana laws. In order to explain why medical marijuana is such a popular treatment option for MS patients, Americans for Safe Access has released a free e e-book on the subject.

medical marijuana dravet

His name is Cooper, Governor, and his life is at risk without cannabis

ravet Syndrome is a word I had never heard before a few years ago. I’m sure most people have still never heard about this ruthless child killer because it’s not a very common disease.  But if you have been involved in the cannabis reform movement over the last five years, especially in the South, this has […]

Georgia cannabis legalization

Cannabis Reform Organization Urges Supporters to Call Governor’s Office

In a press release today from one of Georgia’s largest cannabis reform organizations James Bell, Executive Director of the Georgia C.A.R.E. Project, urged supporters to flood the Governor’s office with calls and comments in an effort to urge him to reconsider his stance on in-state cultivation of medical marijuana. Earlier this week Governor Nathan Deal made […]

Alzheimer's disease medical marijuana

Study Confirms Marijuana Helps Alzheimer’s Patients

A new medical marijuana study conducted in Israel has concluded that marijuana is a “safe and promising treatment” for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Georgia HB 722 medical marijuana

A Look at Georgia’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Law and How Things Will Change if it is Passed

On Wednesday, January 7 Rep. Allen Peake (R- Macon), a long-time proponent of allowing sick Georgian’s to medicate with cannabis, pre-filed a bill that would establish a regulated medical marijuana system in Georgia. House Bill 722, if passed, would retire the temporary system currently in place, known as the Haleigh’s Hope Act, and establish a […]

GA marijuana laws

Georgia Senate Bill Introduced That Would Make All Marijuana Possession a Misdemeanor

This week a bill was pre-filed in the Georgia state Senate that would effectively put an end to felony prosecutions for marijuana possession. Senate Bill 254, introduced by Sen. Harold Jones (D- Augusta) seeks to remove the one-ounce dividing line between misdemeanor (simple) marijuana possession and felony possession in Georgia by removing the weight requirement […]

Christmas CBD oil

Christmas Updates and Product Announcements

This has been a really good year for some sick Georgians, but for many others it has been frustrating and worrisome. Good for those that have an understanding doctor and the wherewithal to jump through the hoops necessary for obtaining low THC oil in Georgia, but bad for thousands of others who desperately need access […]

governor deal medical marijuana

Georgia Governor Ends Hopes for In-State Cannabis Oil Production

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has officially, at least for now, announced his firm opposition to the in-state cultivation of medical marijuana and the production of low THC oil, as well as a system for dispensing that oil to qualified patients. In a recent Macon Telegraph article Governor Deal expressed skepticism at the notion of growing cannabis in […]

mmj ms

Medical Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis involves an immune-meditated disorder that results in the immune system mistakenly attacking both the Myelin, which is the protective coating surrounding the nerve fibers, and the fibers themselves. The disease gets its name from the scar tissue (sclerosis) that forms after the Myelin have come under attack. MS is a progressive disease that is […]

Florida low thc medical marijuana

Georgia should learn a lesson from Florida’s medical marijuana disaster

On June 16, 2014 Governor Rick Scott signed into a law a measure that lawmakers hailed as the answer to the demands of thousands of sick Floridians, who have been begging for the right to consume medical marijuana to treat serious health conditions for years. Instead, what politicians gave thousands of languishing, very sick patients […]

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Granny Storm Crow’s List 2015

In July of 2007 a medical marijuana advocate known to many only as “Granny Storm Crow” published a Microsoft Word document online that contained links to every known medical and scientific study published since 2000 that were related to cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. That list has grown and been re-published every year since with updated […]

Georgia medical marijuana rules

Georgia Law Enforcement Announces Opposition to In-State Marijuana Cultivation

At the latest hearing of the Georgia Medical Marijuana Commission participants heard from the state’s law enforcement leaders on the subject of in-state cultivation and distribution of high CBD strains of cannabis, and to say they are uniformly against any cultivation in Georgia would be an understatement. Vernon Keenan, director of the Georgia Bureau of […]

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